Case of South Dakota Missing Girl Case

Case of South Dakota Missing Girl Case

A South Dakota state lawmaker has been struck with a no-invade order after a social media blow-up over her activism in a missing woman case.

The debate began when one of state Sen. Lynne DiSanto’s constituents accused her of using Serenity Dennard’s disappearance for personal gain — that the senator’s actions are more about self-promotion than finding Serenity.

Serenity was nine years old when she walked away in freezing weather in February from the Black Hills Kids’ Home, which is in a rugged, forested area of western South Dakota, and remains missing multiple searches, however. Since then, DiSanto has published a website and Facebook page with commentary, videos, and other content related concerning the case, and started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising money reward.

Police stated Patricia Kassner, who like DiSanto is from Box Elder, posted messages on the Facebook page accusing DeSanto of exploiting the woman’s disappearance.

“To use a condition like this for your achievements and just to stir up drama is just evil,” said one of Kassner’s messages, according to a police report.

Kassner contacted Field Elder police July 1 and expressed concerns about a potential confrontation.

But Kassner stuck to her assertions that DiSanto was using the case for her profit. She additionally criticized DiSanto for featuring large photographs of herself as the primary images on her Facebook page and website, instead of more prominently featuring photos of Serenity.

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