12 Presumed Dead in Japan Studio Fire

12 Presumed Dead in Japan Studio Fire

At least 12 people are assumed dead and more people lack after a suspected arson attack on an animation studio in the Japanese city of Kyoto, and a fire official has told in Associated Press.

Kyoto fire department official Mr.Satoshi Fujiwara said 35 others have been injured, some of them critically injured.

There are few others – up to 18 – who could not reach, but it is not clear if all these had reported working on Thursday, Fujiwara stated the Associated Press.

The flame appeared to have been started intentionally, police said, but there was no possible information on a possible motive.

Footage of the flames showed thick white smoke coming out of from windows of the three-story building. Its frontage was charred black on much of one side where the fire had burned out of the windows.

He stated the fire department had dispatched 35 fireplace engines and other fire-fighting vehicles and equipment to the site.

Police stated they were treating the fire as a suspected arson attempt. “A man threw a liquid and set fire to it,” a Kyoto prefectural police spokesman told AFP.

Local media said a man had been detained in connection with the blaze, but there were no immediate details on the suspect.

Public broadcaster NHK stated the suspect had been taken to hospital after suffering injuries in the fire.

a woman said who answered the phone at the firm’s headquarters in Uji City in the Kyoto region.” they are in the process of learning what happened,”

There was no immediate statement from the organization, which produced several properly-known TV anime series, including The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Okay-ON!

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