99-Year-Old Supreme Court Judge John Paul Steven Passed Away

99-Year-Old Supreme Court Judge John Paul Steven Passed Away

John Paul Steven Retired from the supreme court. 34-year tenure died at the age of 99 in Ft. Lauderdale, of complications following a stroke he suffered Monday.

Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed Stevens’ loss of life in a statement from the Supreme Court of America.

Roberts said as A son of the Midwest heartland and a veteran of World Conflict II, Justice Stevens devoted his long life to public service, including 35 years on the Supreme Court. He also kind, brought humility, wisdom, and independence to our bench. His uncompromising commitment to justice has left us a more exceptional nation. We extend our deepest condolences to his child Elizabeth and Susan, and his large family.

he passed away peacefully, as The court’s statement noted that “

he known to be judge’s judge, Stevens was something of a throwback to a less rancorous era, when, as one writer put it, law and politics were a noble pursuit, not a blood game.

The stereotypical Midwesterner, Stevens was born in Chicago city and studied at North-western and the University of Chicago. In the Windy City, he became an excellent lawyer and later became a judge in court.

In the year of 1975, President Gerald Ford appointed him to the American Supreme Court. The nomination brought instant praise from Democrats and Republicans alike, and Stevens, wearing his trademark bow tie, was confirmed in a remarkable three weeks.

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